Turn your website into a lead-generating machine

As a B2B SaaS content writer, I help software companies write and refresh long-form blog posts that’s designed for humans and optimized for search.

You’d be in good company:

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You’ve read about companies using inbound or content marketing to grow and generate as high as $1 Billion in ARR.

You see it. You want it. But you hit a wall every time you try to make content marketing work for you.

Your B2B content probably isn’t working because…

You’re always talking about yourself

Truth bomb? No one cares about you. They’re rather interested in what your SaaS tool can do for them.

Your content and customer’s buying journey don’t match

Your content needs to cater to the needs of a completely unaware audience as well as a solution-aware audience.

You don’t have a content strategy

Without a plan, your blog posts and other marketing content will fail to achieve your overall business goals.

You don’t have time to create long-form content

Let’s face it. Content creation is not easy, and you’ve got an inbox full of time-sensitive messages.

You can’t keep up with the latest SEO content trends

A new algorithm update? What’s that?

You’ve been focused on short term wins

You throw in a few posts here and there but don’t see results after 3 days. Is this thing broken? Why am I not on page one?

And this makes you…

Spend more on paid ads

When done right, ads are great. But they’re hardly done right and often require that you spend more money to generate more leads. Not great.

Go to bed worried about your revenue and MRR goals

Because without new leads, you don’t generate any sales.

Generate poor leads from your website

You might be targeting the wrong keywords and attracting the wrong kind of traffic to your site.

Here’s your fix:

πŸ‘‰A SaaS content writer for youπŸ‘ˆ


βŒ› You don’t have time to create content for your SaaS blog

πŸ—£ You’re having troubles communicating what you want to say

πŸ“ˆ You need words that make readers try out your SaaS tool or join your email list

I’m the B2B SaaS content writer for you.


Together, we’d play the long game and create long-form SEO content that:

Search engine results
Article ranking No 1 for target keyword

πŸ” Gets your target audience to know you by ranking for specific keywords

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Content that attracts and converts leads

βœ…Β performs better than your existing content

stats from my work as saas content writer

🧲 Attracts targeted pre-qualified leads to your website

Nathan has been my go-to writer for blog content. Not only does he do a thorough job researching the topic, his ability to write in a relatable and friendly way truly impressed my client. Nathan is responsive, takes direction and works quickly, delivering quality work on time. I highly recommend him.
Danielle's testimonial for Nathan as a freelance writer
Danielle Hughes
Chief Personality Officer, More Than Words Marketing

I write on topics like

Social media marketing, automation, SaaS, copywriting, CRO, marketing, sales management, communication, freelancing, email marketing, SEO, team management, content marketing, eCommerce and HR.

Each SaaS content writing project includes:

βœ” Effective CTAs to prompt your reader to take specific actions

βœ” Competitor analysis that sets your content apart from the rest

βœ” Target audience research to understand your customers’ pain points

βœ” On-page SEO optimization so that your article ranks for target keywords

βœ”Β Expert storytelling to make your readers see themselves in your brand story

βœ” Contributions from subject matter experts to boost the authority of your content

βœ” Keyword research to find phrases and terms your audience use when looking for solutions to their problems

Your investment

πŸ’° Starts at $450 for one-off blog posts (1800 – 2000 words)

πŸ’° Starts at $1500 for retainers (4 X 1800 -2000 word blog posts) 17% off

(Nathan's) work for us has been fantastic.
Ben sailer recommending nathan as a b2b saas writer
Ben Sailer
Director of Inbound Marketing, CoSchedule

My Process 

Here is the best way to work with me as a SaaS content writer.

1. Consultation session

Think of this as a "get-to-know-your-business" session. We'll discuss the scope of the project and other details. This session will help me know if I'll be able to give you a reasonable return on investment.

2. Contract agreement

We'll sign a contract once we both agree on details of the project.

3. Topic Assignment

You'll assign me a topic you want me to work on.

4. Outline and 1st payment

I'll work on the assigned topic and create an outline to guide the direction of the article. I'll send the article outline to you along with my invoice for 50% down payment.

5. Keyword and content research

Once I receive the payment, I'll get right into building the outline into a fully-fleshed article. This will include targeted keyword and content research using tools like Ahrefs and Answerthepublic.
It usually takes me at least 2 days to deliver the first draft depending on word length and extent of research the article requires.

5. You review and make edits

I'll send the article over for your review. You can make any edits you have in the Google doc.
I'll work on the edits and send the article back to you.

6. Final review and invoicing

Once we've agreed on the final article draft, I'll send you an invoice for the remaining 50% balance.

Answers to your questions.

Most frequent questions and answers about my services as a SaaS content writer.

I use PayPal. You’ll receive the PayPal address in the invoice I’ll send to you through WaveApps.

No I don’t. Changing per hour would only incentivize me to take longer to complete projects.

Instead of charging per hour, I use a value-based pricing system.

While I pay most of my attention to creating content for SaaS companies, I also write for small businesses and eCommerce brands.

I usually need 1-week lead-time for new projects.