35+ Free Stock Photos Sites: Free Images for Content Creators and Entrepreneurs

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Do you often find it hard to find free stock photos? As a badass content creator and entrepreneur that you are, you need quality photos.


Pictures tell a thousand words.

Pictures help us to visualize and illustrate things that words cannot. No wonder then that pictures are important for your marketing and creation efforts.

You must have read a million and one posts about how pictures drive better engagement to your content. You have even experienced the positive effects of pictures on your content (yay photos).

Yet, you often find it difficult to find high-resolution stock photos that are free for you to use and download. That’s what this article is for. But before we jump right into where you can find free stock images, let’s talk about licenses.

Photo licenses and Creative Commons

Most photographers own the rights to their images. That means that you need to sign an agreement with them before you can use their photos. That can be quite a chore.

Many photographers are beautiful souls that allow others (like you and me) to use their photos.  They do this by using the creative commons license for their photos. This way, the photographer gains exposure for his/her work, while you gain a stunning stock image for your content creation or marketing efforts.

Other sites have licenses that give conditions on how to use their photos. Most of them allow you to use their photos, only if you would credit them.

Now that licenses are out of the way, let us get into the meat of the article.

Where can you find free stock photos?

As you read on, you would find 35+ royalty-free images sites packed with ready to download images that you can use without worrying about any legal or copyright issues. Let’s begin:


free stock images from Pexels

Pexels allows you to use their images without crediting them. You can use the pictures for whatever you want as long as it is in line with their license.


free stock images from unsplash

 Unsplash is another amazing free photo website. It’s one of the most popular ones around. Unsplash has its license too that allows you to use the pictures as you want. The only exception is that you cannot use their photo to create another free photo site.


copyrighted free image

Nappy offers a rich high-resolution library of black and brown people all free.

Free Images

Stock photos: Free images front page

What this site offers is right in the name, Free Images. Here you have access to more than 300,000 free quality images. Like with most free photo sites, they have their license too.

ISO Republic

free resolution images

Find photos from various categories ranging from people to business, to animals. All these stock photos free, and high resolution. ISO Republic offers free videos too.


stock photos. free images for download

Pixabay does not own a license, instead, they are under the creative commons license. You can use the photos on Pixabay as you like, even without credit (Give credit, you’re much cooler that way).


Royalty free photos

Looking for images to display on your online store? Burst from Shopify has you covered. You would find clear images that would take your marketing to the next level here.


copyright free images from canva

Canva offers more than graphic design tools for users. You can find wholesome and interesting free images on the Canva platform too.


free pictures to use

Clear, free, and high-quality images are what you would find on Stocksnap. The website uses the creative commons license too.


free pics from WOCinTech

WOCinTech stands for Women of Color in Tech. As the name suggests, this is a collection of photos of women of color. These images are free under the photo giants Flickr. There are over 500 images of women of color on this site, although the collection is no longer updated.


free stock images from reshot

Tired of boring stock photos? Breathe life into your content with a collection of vibrant and fun high-quality images. You can use the photos you find here as you like.

The Jopwell Collection

free stock images from jopwell

Jopwell owns this collection of free, and excellent images. Should you ever choose to use the images from this collection, you must attribute or credit Jopwell.


free stock images from foodiesfeed

Food bloggers get in here. Here is a site that contains thousands of HD free food pictures. (I might have drooled a bit while scrolling)


free stock images from flickr

You would find free and paid images on the Flickr site. Don’t worry, the free images work as fine as the paid ones.


free images to download

There is no shortage of quality on the limited amount of images you would find on this page. The site uses their license that gives you ultimate freedom over their photos.


copyright free images from kaboompics

Already have a color in mind? Kaboompics allows you to search their wide array of photos by sorting the photos through color.

Life of Pix

Life of Pix has a dope collection of clear royalty-free images on their site.

CreateHER stock

free stock images from createher stock

Here is another amazing website that offers high-resolution images of women of color. Sadly, the photos here are less than 500 but you are free to use them as you want.


free stock images from skitterphoto

All the pictures here are public domain. Meaning that you can wield the photos to do your biddings. You could also submit photos on this site if you are a photographer.

Getty Images

free stock images from getty

Hold up! Getty Images? Yes. You can embed their images on your website. The downside here is that their photos still keep the Getty branding. You can overlook this considering the quality of images on this site.


Free images for download

All the photos here are filled under the creative commons license. And they are provided by some amazing photographers for your use.


free stock images from istock

In exchange for your email, iStock sends you a ton of free images every week.


free stock images from crello

Crello is another graphics design tool that doubles as a free non-copyrighted image site.


royalty free images

PicJumbo is yet another amazing free stock photo on this list. Their photos are free for personal and commercial use.


free stock images from depositphotos

When you sign up on this website, you get free access to images and other graphic elements for your content creation and marketing efforts.


Foca gives you exceptional workspace and summer stock photos that add a wow effect to your content.


stock pics

Uncover and download thousands of royalty-free images for commercial and personal use. This site offers pictures of nature, landscapes, and food.


free stock images from stockvault

With new free images to use every day, Stockvault is an excellent resource for content creators and small business owners. Their collection includes free stock photos and illustrations.

Having trouble with finding free stock photos? These sites will help you out.

New Old Stock

high resolution images

Looking for a one-stop location for all photos vintage? Find photos here that would give your content a vintage look.


free stock images from raw pixel

You can find a photo on almost any subject you are looking for on RawPixel. Their collection is so diverse and interesting.


free pics

Nic Jackson started this site before he died in 2013. However, this free photo site did not die with him. Boosting of over 130,000 subscribers, this free stock photo site continues to offer non-copyrighted images for your use.

Google Free Images

Google free HD photos

Google is not only a search engine for research papers, and recipes. You would find a ton of first-rate free photos to use from a Google search too. Find out how to use it here.


free pics to use

Ideas, DIY, and home décor are not the only things that Pinterest is useful for. Thanks to the countless number of pins posted by users, you can find a ton of quality photos on Pinterest. Since these photos are from independent creators, you should be careful regarding using the photos for commercial purposes.

Jay Mantri

high resolution images from Jay Mantri

“Free pic. Do anything (CCO). Make magic” I’ll recommend that you do what Jay says.


free stock images from pikwizard

You can find over 1 million non-copyrighted photos on this site. The photos are free to download and use as you like.


There you have it. Over 30 free stock images sites for your stock photography needs.


Did I miss any sites? Please drop it in the comments.

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